Welcome to the Fictional Character Wiki

Hello. Welcome to the Fictional Character Wiki, a wiki devoted to showing all information regarding fictional characters. This wiki was founded in February 2015 by ShadeTheNarwhal.


1. No non-fictional characters shall be given pages. However, if a non-fictional character is featured in fiction, they are allowed but it must be stated.

2. No religious characters shall be given pages. This is to prevent arguments between religious individuals and atheists. However, if a religious character is featured in fiction, obey Rule 1.

3. No character from fanfiction or fanmade content shall be given a page. However, if the fanmade material is greatly famous (Cupcakes, Pony.MOV, Super Mario Bros. X, etc) then you must contact a staff member of this Wiki for approval.

4. Unless in a quote, no vulgar language shall be used on character pages.

5. No information of a character from fanmade content (unless permission by a staff member is given) shall be allowed on character pages.

6. You troll, you get a ban. Simple as that. Trolling includes harassment, vandalism, and purposeful nonsense.

7. Racism, sexism, homophobia, hatred towards religion, bias, insulting deceased individuals and other forms of bullying or discrimination are not allowed.

8. SAFETY FIRST. Never give anyone that you don't know your phone number, location, email address or any personal information.

9. Photography, gifs or videos featuring nudity are not allowed.

10. Respect all, especially the admins, bureaucrats and moderators.

11. Plagiarism is illegal in the real world and on this wiki. Make sure that all content is original unless it is a quote, in which case you must say so.

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